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Rhode Island
Governors Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2

        Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2 is a local entity of the RI Department Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (RI Dept. ASUVCW), serving central Rhode Island.    Auxiliary No. 2 is one of three local Auxiliaries within the RI Department or the State.    It was first organized by the wives, daughters and grand daughters of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War as well as the Union Civil War Veterans of R.I. Grand Army of the Republic (RI GAR) Arnold Post No.4, in 1917.    Auxiliary 2 was actually the very first Auxiliary formed in the State of Rhode Island.    The World War I and the Post World War I years combined with the Post World War I influenza epidemic, had a devastating effect on Rhode Island, however by 1922 the RI Department Auxiliary to the SUVCW was formed.    Therefore, in 1922, Auxiliary No.2 was re-chartered under the RI ASUVCW Department to continue its mission to assist the RI Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7 (the SUVCW legal successor to RI GAR Post 4).    Many of the original women of Auxiliary 2 were instrumental of the founding of the RI Dept. Auxiliary (the State level organization).

Ladies of Auxiliary 2 worked tirelessly to get the RI Department officially chartered in the state of Rhode Island by the national ASUVCW organization.    They were also outspoken advocates and supporters of Women's Suffrage, the right to vote, passage of the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution, and as daughters of Abolitionists they spoke for continuation of of the principles of the 13th and 14th Amendments inspired by the Emancipation Proclamation.    Thus, the 1838 emergincy coin produced by the President Martin Van Buren Administration (during the depression caused by Andrew Jackson's banking policies), symbolizes the spirit of Auxiliary 2.

In respect to the wives, true daughters and the grand daughters of Rhode Island Civil War Veterans, Auxiliary 2 still dates its official beginning to 1917, prior to the formation of the Department.    Today Governors Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2, is the oldest auxiliary in the State, just as RI SUVCW Governors Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7 is the oldest SUVCW Camp (of men) in the State.    Auxiliary 2 continues to aid and assist RI Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Governors Elisha Dyer Camp No.7.

The RI Department Auxiliary is part of the National Auxiliary (NASUVCW) (see the National ASUVCW home page).    The National ASUVCW consists of State and local Auxiliaries across the U.S.    The National ASUVCW was officially incorporated in 1890, and assists the National Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, who evolved from the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), in 1881.    We help the Sons carry on their patriotic endeavors and assist in educating Rhode Islanders about their incredible Civil War legacy.    The song, "Marching Through Georgia" has been the theme-song of the National Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and all its State and local Auxiliaries, nation wide, since the beginning of the Order.

        Some of the activities that the Elisha Dyer Auxiliary participates in include assisting the RI Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Elisha Dyer Camp No.7 in its Civil War Veterans graves registration program; flagging of all Civil War Veterans graves at Memorial Day; visiting the ladies and men at the RI Veterans home -- the old Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Bristol Home); assisting the RI Dept. in participation of school and community programs and events to promote patriotism, RI Civil War History, women's activities during the Civil War; charitable and volunteer work in communities.    Auxiliary No.2 welcomes women of all walks of life who are descendants and non-descendants of Union Civil War Veterans.    The individual Members of our Auxiliary also support the Rhode Island Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Civil War Museum, Library & Research Center project at the R.I. Civil War Governor William Sprague Mansion-Museum, Old Carriage House facility in Cranston.    Some of our members are also involved with the R.I. GAR Civil War Museum "Visitors From The Past" school visitation program.    For more information about the R.I. GAR Civil War Museum, click HERE.    We will locate our office, hold our meetings and conduct our functions there when the project is completed.

Auxiliary Crest


Harriet A. Clarke; Mary C. Swan; Minna M. Porter; Catherine Sullivan;
Nettie D. Cobb; Elizabeth S. Chenifly; Mary M. Down; Agnes C. Bush;
Marguerite McDermott; Francis Bush; Katherine F. Sheldon; Agnes M. Smith;
Maude L. Dean; Effie Kittredge; Hazel A. K. Gardner; Eliza J. Pearce;
Harriet J. B. Ford; Edna C. Campbell; Ida M. Northup; Minnie B. Chappell;
M. Arline Chappell; Mary H. Coombs

        Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2 was officially Chartered on March 8, 1917.    Like RI SUVCW Camp No. 7, it was also named in honor of both Rhode Island Governors Elisha Dyer Sr. and Elisha Dyer Jr.    Both Governors were Civil War Veterans.    The Auxiliary No. 2 Charter was signed by the National Officers of the Auxiliary, May E. Clothier, National Auxiliary President, and attested by Ida M. Patterson, National Auxiliary Secretary, on July 14, 1917, at the National Encampment or annual meeting-convention of the ASUVCW held in Rockford, Illinois.    The honored ladies, or our founding sisters of Auxiliary No. 2, followed the principles and views of what their Civil War Veteran Fathers and Grandfathers, Mothers and Grandmothers fought to establish for America, freedom, justice and equality for "ALL" Americans.    They worked tirelessly to finish the Abolitionist Movement well into the 20th Century towards Civil Rights and as Suffragettes they pushed for Equal Rights for Women and the right to vote.    Today we honor them as being among the pioneers who established the rights of Women by amending the U.S. Constitution in 1920.


Susan B. Anthony Senator Henry B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony was the niece of Rhode Island US Senator Henry B. Anthony
Susan Brownell Anthony, born February 15, 1820, NY
Abolitionist & Suffragette Leader


"Embracing The Past, Stronger Women Can Help Shape The Future Of America"
Our fraternal compact is inscribed on the face of the 1838 Van Buren coin
"Am I Not A Woman and A Sister"

Now Serving Her 3rd Term & 2nd Elected Term

Auxiliary Membership Insignia President of Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2 Auxiliary Membership Insignia
President Linda Payne, PAP
Rhode Island Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2
66th President of Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2, since 1917

        President Linda Payne is the wife of Brother Gregory H. Payne, Past Camp Commander of Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7, Rhode Island Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.    In 2007, as Vice President of Auxiliary No. 2, she was given the sad duty of stepping in to fill the presidency of former President Eva Lawrence, PAP, and serve the remainder of the year in Sister Eva's place.    Linda has been extremely active in several reenactment organizations and school programs.    She, like her predecessor, is a supporter of the Rhode Island Civil War Museum and Library project at the Governor Sprague Mansion in Cranston, Rhode Island.    For the past three years Linda has been working with Sisters Mary Mierka, PDP, and Lydia Rappoza, also President of the Cranston Historical Society, in several ways to assist in bringing the RI Civil War Museum to fruition at the old carriage house facility of the Governor Sprague Mansion, as well as to establish a headquarters office and meeting place there for Auxiliary No.2.    Linda has also replaced Eva as Auxiliary No.2 Rep. on the Board of Governors of the RIGARCWM.    She has two beautiful daughters, Dessa (recently married) and Jesse.    Sister Mary Mierka and her husband Brother Gregg Mierka are their un-official aunt and uncle.    President Payne and Sister Mierka both attended the funeral services of the grandest and most dearly loved lady of Auxiliary No.2, Sister Eva at the Westminster Unitarian Church in East Greenwich.    To this day Auxiliary 2 holds dear the memory of Eva Lawrence.    Just as the men of Camp 7 feel the strong bonds of fraternity, all of the women of our local Order feel same bonds to one another within Governors Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2.    Eva passed away while in office, faithfully serving the Order on March 3, 2007.    In 1997, in memoriam to Sister Eva, President Payne asked the men of Camp 7 to join the ladies of Auxiliary 2 and wear a black ribbon in back of their SUVCW membership .    The Camp Commander so ordered it.    The following year Brother Howard Payne, Jr. Vice Camp 7 Commander (Sister Linda’s father-in-law) also passed away.    President Linda Payne and 2008 Commander Gregory Payne extended the time of mourning for another year.    In memoriam to Sister Eva, Brother Howard and the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, the 2009 Camp 7 Commander Gregg Mierka, PDC, and Auxiliary 2 President Linda Payne, PAP, have jointly decided to extend the time of observance to the end of 2009.    Therefore the Auxiliary No. 2 charter will also remain draped in black when not in meeting session until the November 2009 annual meeting of Auxiliary No.2.    All Auxiliary 2 members, as well as Camp 7 members will continue to wear the black ribbon in back of their membership insignias.    In 1997, Sister Linda announced a new beginning for Auxiliary No.2 and her main objective since then focused on attracting new members.    Ladies over the age of 14 interested in honoring the veterans of the Civil War and working with RI SUVCW Camp 7 on a variety of important historical projects can contact President Payne at Payne_and_Ink@verizon.net.    Throughout 2008 Auxiliary 2 worked closely with Camp 7, RI MOLLUS the RI GAR Civil War Museum & Library, and the Cranston Historical Society developing the museum and planning events for the Lincoln Bicentennial.    To see more of what RI ASUVCW Governors Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2 is doing for 2009, Click HERE.


Auxiliary Membership Insignia Eva Lawrence Auxiliary Membership Insignia

Past President Eva Lawrence
1921 ~ 2007
She served as President, 1997 to 2007

        Eva Lawrence, was President of Rhode Island Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2, for 10 years.    She was a retired U.S. Army career combat nurse and a Veteran of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.    Her husband was a WWII U.S Army Veteran who was captured at Bastone during the Battle of the Buldge in 1944, and one of very few who escaped from a Nazi POW camp behind Soviet lines near the end of the war.    Eva was very active in the DAR as well as several veteran and charitable organizations in the years following her retirement in Rhode Island.    She served all posts in Auxiliary No. 2 before becoming president.    Our "Sister" Eva, was very interested in genealogy research and was an avid spokes-person on all Veteran's issues.    She was a proud supporter of the R.I. Grand Army of the Republic GAR Civil War Museum, Library & Research Center, involved in education programs for children, and held a seat on the museum's Board of Governors as the representative for Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2.    A very wise and admired lady, all the women of Auxiliary No. 2 loved Eva.    She was very dear to all their hearts.    The men of RI SUVCW Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7, also honored and held the highest respect for Eva, "a kind and generous lady".

Past Camp 7 Commander Gregory Payne The Late Camp 7 Jr. Vice Camp Commander Howard Payne

Past Camp 7 Commander Greg Payne & His Father
The Late Howard Payne, Camp 7 Jr. Vice Commander
1928 ~ 2008
Brother Howard was Sister Linda's Father-in-Law
In The Photo He is Placing Flowers at the Grave of Elisha Caswell His Ancestor
Caswell was an early Civil War Veteran Member of RI GAR Arnold Post 4
Caswell and His Comrades of Post 4 Supported the Founding of
RI SUVCW Camp 7 in 1909 & RI ASUVCW Auxiliary 2 in 1917

Am I Not A Woman & A Sister

Linda Payne, PAP, President
Barbara Jarry, PAP, Vice President
Mary Mierka, PAP&PDP, Secretary/Treasurer
Estelle Bennett, Patriotic Instructor
Rosemary Mello, Chaplain
Lydia Rapoza,
Press Correspondent/Historian

Am I Not A Woman & A Sister

Barbara Jarry Slippers Mary Mierka
Photo on the Left: Barbara Jarry, Past Auxiliary No.2 President;
Photo on the Right: Mary Mierka, Past RI Dept. Auxiliary President & Past Auxiliary No. 2 President.
Photo in the Center: "SLIPPERS" Our most loyal member.    As you can see, she never misses a meeting or an event.




Auxiliary No. 2 meets on the last Saturday of each month from September through May,
at 6:30 p.m. at the RI GAR Civil War Museum, 762 Dyer Ave., Cranston, RI 02920
at the Governor Sprague Mansion
1351 Cranston St. Cranston, RI 02920.


        Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No. 2 is proud to be working with other organizations in Cranston, supporting this new museum for Rhode Island.
We will be locating our headquarters office there, at the Sprague Mansion Carriage House as soon as the project is complete.
Click this link to find out more HERE.



For Membership Information & Events Contact:
Mary V. Mierka, PDP,
Secretary ~ Treasurer, RI ASUVCW Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2
at the General Nathanael Greene Homestead Museum at Spell Hall, 50 Taft Street, Coventry, R.I. 02816
(401) 821-8630

Lincoln Centennial 1909 Lincoln and Tad Lincoln Centennial 1909

Ladies, We Need You!~~The mission of Elisha Dyer Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War No. 2, is to assist the R.I. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7 to perpetuate the memory of Civil War Veterans in the State of Rhode Island ~~ And honor the Civil War Veterans of Grand Army of the Republic, Arnold Post No. 4 Look for our upcoming events listed on the RI SUVCW Elisha Dyer Camp No. 7 Home Page!

The RI Dept. SUVCW and Auxiliary honoring General George Sears Greene at his cemetery site in Apponaug, 1996 with Greene family members ~ on the true Memorial Day ~ May 30 created by the Grand Army of the Republic under General Logan's Address.



Auxiliary Membership Insignia
Click the links in this table For:
The 2003 inductees of the R.I. Heritage Hall of Fame
Thank you all for your support by contacting the R.I. Historical Society-R.I. Heritage Hall of Fame, and nominating both Generals A.E. Burnside and G.S. Greene to the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.   Each year important Rhode Islanders, past & present, are selected.   Prior to November, 2003, "no" Rhode Island Civil War Veteran had ever been chosen.   You can e-mail additional suggestions to the R.I. Historical Society HERE to find out more.   Your support helped to put an end to this oversight.   We are pleased to inform all our viewers that "12" important Rhode Island Civil War Veterans and nationally known Pre-Civil War Social-Political Activists were selected.
Again thank you all for supporting the work we do.
In F, C & L, Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2.
To See RI Civil War
Personal Narratives & Biographies
Auxiliary Membership Insignia

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Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2,
Rhode Island Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

RI ASUVCW Elisha Dyer Auxiliary No.2
Supporting the Cranston Historical Society, the Governor Sprague Mansion
and the RI Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial events, endorsed by
the Governor’s Rhode Island
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

For membership information and more about Auxiliary No.2, contact:
Mary Mierka, Aux. 2 Secretary/Treasurer, 50 Taft Street, Coventry, RI 02816
(401) 821-8630

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